The Mobile Chocolate School

Since 2019, the Mobile Chocolate School educates students between 6 and 24 years old about where our food comes from in a creative, interactive, fair, sustainable, crafty, tasty and healthy way. The project, funded by FNNZ, has been far implemented in the Netherlands, reaching 828 students from 32 classes.

Youth Debating the Future of Europe (U4EU)

The project aims at encouraging democratic and civic participation of Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, German, Belgian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Dutch young citizens. The first phase consisted of 7 activities that took place from March 2020 to September 2022 in 9 countries and gave the participants an opportunity to express their concerns about common challenges related to the European identity, diversity and its future. The second phase (U4EU 2.0) aims to take the achievements of the U4EU project to the next level by moving from collecting views to fostering tangible actions and policy engagement. The rationale is clear: to empower young citizens across the nine partner countries and beyond to become active contributors to the EU’s decision-making processes. By doing so, the project intends to promote a greater sense of belonging to the EU and its core values among young Europeans. This second project, which will be implemented from May 2024 to April 2026, is co-funded by the CERV programme of the European Union.

Cross Cultural Learning on How to Deal with Corona Crisis

The project, funded by FNNZ, aims to:

1. Strengthen resilience at the individual, community and national level to promote the well-being of people in times of crisis.

2. Develop strategies or solutions that enable people, communities, health professionals and policymakers to reduce the impact of the Corona crisis on health and well-being.

For this project people from many countries wrote “letters of vulnerability and resilience”, which serve as an interactive/cross cultural learning experience between people, communities, health professionals and policymakers.

International Chocolate School

We organize and implement an innovative educational program unique for Latin America to reactivate, and strengthen cocoa and chocolate food chains.

In cooperation with organizations such as APP Cacao (the national trade association that represents Peruvian cacao producers on national and international policy issues that are important to the cacao sector), the Belgian NGO Rikolto and award-winning specialists on bean to bar chocolate, we aim to support, co-design, facilitate and implement short and long term initiatives that create and/or enhance food transitions towards bean to bar cacao/chocolate chains.

“Buen Vivir” plans and activities in the Czaar Peterkwartier

In 2019 we were trusted by Amsterdam Municipality to manage a monetary award to apply a “commons” perspective in the neighbourhood, in collaboration with students from the Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Dutch Province of Brabant.

Good Life Path Project

This is a project for young people on the application of “Good Living” (Buen Vivir) in their personal and professional life. It consists of annual meetings for all participants, furthermore there are regional and online meetings, and it includes intergenerational buddy matches. The participants look at how they can apply Good Living in their personal and professional lives. We do this in a community in which collaboration is essential. The intention is that the participants also benefit practically from the project. Concrete plans are stimulated and supported. During all meetings there is a lot of time for relaxation in addition to the effort.