Our Motivation

Rooted in indigenous worldviews, Buen Vivir or Good Living is our philosophy. Since its foundation, Cross Cultural Bridges investigates, practices and promotes Buen Vivir. This is a biocentric concept that advocates for a redefinition of the relationship between the economy, society and Nature.

Cross Cultural Bridges, CCB, envisions a world in which people in the Global North and the Global South work together to pursue a higher and more equitable personal and collective quality of life based on the philosophy of Buen Vivir (Good Living). 

CCB supports, co-designs, facilitates and implements short and long term initiatives to create and enhance transitions towards sustainable production, a fair consumption of commodities, and resilient low-carbon societies. By doing so, CCB reconciles the  challenges of fighting climate change with the pursuit of Buen Vivir, equality and social cohesion.