Cross Cultural Bridges

Cross Cultural Bridges
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CCB supports, co-designs, facilitates and implements short and long term initiatives, able to create and/or enhance transitions which contribute to “Buen Vivir” (Good living)

Queshuachaca consisting of ropes made of grass is the last remaining Inca rope bridge. The construction is a communal effort to honor the ancestors and the Pachamama

Direct Food Chains

We believe agro-ecology and direct food chains are key to heal our current economic system and unsustainable ways of food production. By working closely with nature and chain actors we can build a resilient and fair future together!

Cross Cultural Learning

Cross Cultural Learning is our core activity. Since 2005, we stimulate a dialogue between different cultures for the well-being of our Earth and its inhabitants. Read about our previous and current cross cultural learning activities.

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Cross Cultural News

Share your Corona story!

Our personal health and healthy communities or crucial to get through the Corona crisis, we started a program with many global organizations to exchange learnings that we can apply in our personal situations or our communities.   People all around world are confronted...

EU4U project

We are part of the EU4U project, which aims to encourage democratic and civic participation of Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Belgian and Dutch young citizens and provide them the opportunity to express their concerns and views to...