Cross Cultural Bridges

How to deal with the Corona Crisis

Cross Cultural Bridges facilitates cross cultural learning on how to deal with the Corona Crisis:
Share your Corona story!

People all around the world are confronted with the Corona crisis leading to feelings of stress, insecurity, anxiousness or even physical complaints. Yet, there are also many stories, in which people and organisations show creative ideas of dealing with the crisis.

We are looking for those stories, and, if available, pictures and artworks!
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Your Corona Stories

Pequeño Lugar, Gran Sabiduría

By Alan Paikes. El sábado 28 de marzo de 2020 desperté sabiendo que tenía que tomar una decisión. Lo que pocos meses atrás había empezado como una noticia curiosa al otro lado del mundo, hoy era también parte de mi realidad y ya no había manera de ignorarla. Pequeño...

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An Opportunity for Permaculture

An Opportunity for Permaculture

By Clara Lemarchand. Hours before the lockdown took effect, Parisians rushed in large numbers to train stations or took to the roads to escape the capital. It was a bit different for me, as I moved from Paris to Caen (Normandy) a couple years ago. From the capital to...

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