Cross Cultural Bridges

Cross Cultural Bridges promotes dialogue between people and cultures at all levels of society. Our mission to inspire and motivate people from different communities to deal positively with diversity and its potential tensions focuses upon the ways in which people, neighbourhoods, municipalities and countries can improve their cross-cultural relations.

This mission lies at the heart of both the work that CCB undertakes at the level of individuals, for example through the Mixed Couples’ Project, and of the participation in a large scale project on alternative integration which aims to improve relations among South American countries, as well as the relationship between South America and other continents. At this moment, Henkjan Laats, Gustavo Hernandez and Susanna Daag are working together on the Alternative Integration project in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They are organizing a number of events to take place before, during and after the Social Forum held in
Cochabamba in the second week of December, parallel to the second presidential top meeting of the recently founded “South American Community of Nations”.


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May 13, 2020

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